Kachere Development Programme scores three partnerships

In the midst of fundraising challenges, KACHERE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM has continued to reposition itself so as to provide a better platform for innovation.

This innovation has been seen in the latest developments of donor partnerships. In the recent past, the organisation hascattracted three partners namely Expanded Church Response to HIV Trust, Do Good Lab and ACDIVOCA USAID Profit+. The partnerships have been developed to enhance program implementation in Chipata, Katete and Petauke. This new development is a historical landmark for this new but vibrant organisation.

ECR in partnership with Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) and the Global Fund has signed a funding partnership to support the education of 275 orphans and vulnerable children in primary, secondary schools and colleges. The specific numbers for each category is 200 children in primary, 60 children in secondary schools and 15 in colleges. This support will see 40 children in the new site of Katete district access new education support system.

The Expanded Church Response (ECR) has been a long partner in the implementation of HIV/AIDS Care and Support programs which has seen an increase in direct support to 416 people living with with HIV, 691 orphans and vulnerable children in schools and capacity building to 76 care givers.


The second partnership that has just been undertaken is with the ACDI/VOCA USAID Profit+, a program aimed at improving the livelihood of rural vulnerable but viable farmers to promote production of value chains (groundnuts, soy beans) and horticulture (onions and tomatoes).

The project will also promote production of maize as a staple food through conservation agriculture.

The project which is targeting 80% women in the Cluster Level Associations and 20% men under our Garden Farmers Initiative will see more than 300 women and 120 men grow value chains. The partnership has also integrated the Gender Development Approach as a way of promoting increased knowledge.

As a result of this new development, Kachere has already started developing the processes of identification and mobilisation. The first process was undertaken in Chipata district and the second stage will be Petauke district in Mawanda and Ukwimi sites of Chief Sandwe. This will be the first presence of KDP into the Petauke district.

The third partnership has been confirmed with Do Good Lab in the USA following the submission of the proposal in April, 2013. This new funding partnership is meant to promote sustainable income generation for the organisation and the Women Cluster Level Associations in Chipata district under the Mphanga/Chipungo sites. We are thankful that theur Royal highness has allocated a 20 x 100 metres piece of land for our organisation to put up these projevts abd the construction of a Women and Literacy Centre. Additionally Kachere will construct the Kachere Village Nursery School projects once other donors come on board.

The hammermill project will assist Kachere in developing a Shop at the centre to sell merchandise so as to alleviate the hardships rural communities face. This will also create employment for our women in the CLA who will be managing the investment at grassroot so as to enhance community ownership and women household economic empowerment.

Do Good Lab will also support the supply of seeds, treadle pumps and other materials for the construction works while the Kachere Women CLAs will mold 23,000 bricks, deliver sand and provide crushed stones for some construction works.


Kachere is grateful to these new partners and will see to it that it brings lasting change to the most vulnerable groups in the community.

Kachere has made a commitment to link its presence into other districts in the Eastern Province and the future is bright. Our plans are to bring on board many donors who can contribute to human social transformation.