HIV/AIDS & Sexual Reproductive Health

The issues of integrated programs in primary health care have taken a new twist in the recent past for Kachere Development Programme. This new approach has been considered to promote higher impact and greater results and a demand driven strategy. During the course of the year, Kachere continued the HIV and AIDS care, prevention and control by integrating it to the Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH). This has been key in promoting better options for child bearing ages among women.


Child spacing has been the focus of our programming takinginto account the different family planning methods available through the partner Rural Health centres. The program has been interlinked into the Self Help Groups being implemented in the organisation in Mphanga, Chipungo and Undi/Mnukwa project sites. One would have wondered how feasible the SRH would be into the SHGs. Our systems are that the SHGs have the three pillars of the Social, Economic and Political development which form the People’s Institution