Youth Behaviour Change and Modification

The organisation values the involvement of young people in the program. With support from Simavi, the organisation trained 70 youths and 118 home based care givers in HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control in Chipata Central, Mphanga and also Mnukwa/Kapara/Undi project site.

As part of strengthening this program, the youths in both sites are now developing activities targeting youths in schools and communities. This potential of the youths has continued and with more support, it is expected that more impact will be felt in the communities.

The Mphanga Youths HIV/AIDS Initiative is still running very well and the skills project has started bearing fruits. This is because the youths are now engaged in carpentry. They made 20 benches at Mphanga. During the year, the District Health Office visited the youths at Mphanga to check on the activities being implemented by youths. The carpentry tools were supplied to the Youths by the Ministry of Health - Chipata district office with support from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) under the United States of America Government

The youths also received two bicycles from the Ministry of Youths and Sports for their monitoring programs for child related activities. This has motivated the youths to continue with their youths activities. Plans are underway to provide capacity building training for the youths at Mphanga site in 2013. This is an on-going program targeting the youths friendly services at Mphanga, Chipungo and Kapara. The organisation is targeting 90 youths in the three sites in 2013.