With the on-going support from our partners, Kachere has supported 416 people living with HIV in nutrition supplement. This has also enhanced the nutrition of 38 children on exclusive breastfeeding in Mphanga, Chipungo and Mnukwa/Kapara/Undi areas. This nutrition support was in form of beans, rice, cooking oil, Kapenta/fish and also milk. Some members of the support groups for PLWHA are now very healthy and able to support their families as their immunity has now improved tremendously.


Because of this kind of improvement, Kachere has seen success stories of support groups that are now running income generating activities and supporting one another even in the absence
of KDP support. One such success story is taken from the Tithandizane (Lets help one another) Support Group of Mphanga who have 1 hectare field of maize and groundnuts. The group has also been keeping livestock. This year they started the goats to pass on initiative after their group goats increased in numbers. In 2012 the group gave out to 4 individual members a she goat each. It is hoped that by 2015 the group would have passed on goats to 15 members.