Household Economies

The household economic improvement is an initiative targeting women and youths who are vulnerable buy viable. The project is culminated into the Self Help Group approach. The Self-Help Group approach started in 2010 and as at December 31, 2012 the program has 46 groups with a total membership of 806 women. The groups have a total saving of K78 million (un-rebased) (KR78, 000 rebased) which is an equivalent of US$15,600.


The Self Help Groups are now better equipped in their knowledge and skills on capital, savings and loans. With the strong emphasis on the People’s Institution in the Social, Economic and Political pillars, Kachere has now moved to another level of the concept of the Self Help Group approach. This level has led to the formation of the CLA (Cluster Level Associations) and Children Groups. The groups have formed 3 CLAs and 4 children groups; 3 children groups in Mphanga and 1 children group in Chipungo.